Thursday, February 12, 2015

Underpinning the Post and Beam Structure

Corner post on sole plates don't look so bad on first sight
Had to come off
The barn is still on its original legs

Steel post in place
ready for poring concrete 

First Things First, The structure is still on some very weak legs 

We used the Tractor hydraulic and ram to lift the corner to rectify the level as good as possible. All the post ends and sole plate timber was rotten beyond repair and had to be removed. We dug foundation trenches and made sure the new steel uprights reached solid clay bottom. There was still 4 feet of bog below the old foundation. no surprise the barn had sunk so far at the front.

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  1. The structure looks a bit weak.However,seems that it is in construction phase.However,it is a refreshing blog.Keep posting these type of blogs because it gives very important knowledge.