Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cutting the Rafters

plaining the edges
cleaning the bark off

beveling the ends
Cutting The birds-mouth special branch style

And now the fun starts

After all that time getting the barn ready for the renovation it felt soooo good today to get cracking with the actual timber work. I had enough of emptying the place, moving all the stuff out and finding sensible places where to store what. Even all the foundation work didn't feel like getting any closer to what we set out to do. But now we broke the ice. It has seriously started. I am really enjoying the timber work. Especially the finishing touches to each beam with the hand tools, like cleaning off the bark or plaining sawn surfaces nice and clean. I hope we can keep up the standard. 


  1. I’m glad the boring stuff is over and now the fun work begins. I hope you have a great time doing the timber work and that the place gets an amazing new look.

  2. By the way its not just fun its very tough thing to do. Infact imperfection can lead to injuries also. so beeter not to do a thing which you are not good with.